5304 S Adams
Marion, IN 46953

Invoice Number CR-2613
Order Number 9972
Invoice Date October 8, 2022
Total Due $982.52
Billing address
Jim Anthony
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
11967-1970 AND 1972 FRONT SECTION OF INNER ROOF PANEL$94.00$94.00
267-72 C10 OE cab floor support$16.50$33.00
169-72 C10 front fender driver side (LH)$270.00$270.00
169-72 C10 front fender passenger side (RH)$270.00$270.00
167-72 C10 inner fender LH$102.75$102.75
167-72 C10 inner fender RH$102.75$102.75
167-72 C10 frt inner fender reinforcement$6.75$6.75
167-72 Fender and inner fender bolt kit$25.00$25.00
1Hood brace pad$14.00$14.00
Sales Tax:$64.27