5304 S Adams
Marion, IN 46953

Invoice Number CR-2436
Order Number 9462
Invoice Date June 9, 2022
Total Due $2,444.15
Billing address
Terry George
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/Price Sub Total
167-72 C10 bed floor assembly shortbed$1,215.00$1,215.00
267-72 C10 rear wheel house$81.00$162.00
167-72 C10 front bed panel (steel floor)$169.00$169.00
167-72 C10 tailgate (fleet w/Chevrolet)$475.00$475.00
167-72 Urethane Cab Mount Set$86.50$86.50
267-72 Rear wheel tub bolt kit$10.00$20.00
267-72 Bedside to Floor bolt kit (swb)(steel floor)$6.00$12.00
167-72 Tailgate bolt kit$14.00$14.00
167-72 Front bed panel bolt kit$0.00$0.00
1bed to frame bolt kit$16.00$16.00
167-72 C10 fleetside tailgate hardware kit 7pcs$114.75$114.75
Sales Tax:$159.90