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Invoice Date October 6, 2021
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Thomas Horstman
P.O. Box 925
Augusta, WV 26704
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Thomas Horstman
P.O. Box 925
Augusta, WV 26704
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267-68 Chevy Grill Molding Clips$15.00$30.00
160-68 C10 Radiator Support Mounting Kit$35.00$35.00
160-72 Standard Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad$5.00$5.00
167-72 brake & clutch pedal trim, stainless$6.00$6.00
167 Outside door handle kit (chrome, pair)$60.00$60.00
167-68 Chevrolet and GMC Truck Hood Letters, Chevrolet, Set$56.95$56.95
168 C10 frt eyebrow molding LH$31.00$31.00
168 C10 frt eyebrow molding RH$31.00$31.00
168 C10 hood mldg$75.00$75.00
167-68 Headlight Bezel Set$68.00$68.00
167-70 Accelerator Pedal (deluxe)$10.00$10.00
167-72 accelerator pedal trim, stainless$10.00$10.00
167-72 Suburban 2wd Body Mount Bushings and Radiator Support Bushings$185.00$185.00
267-72 C10 outside door handle RH$30.00$60.00
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